Corpus Christi Procession to Take Place on June 20, Starting in Hinsdale and Ending in Clarendon Hills

On June 20, after the 6 p.m. Mass at St. Isaac Jogues Catholic Church, Hinsdale, come and be a literal follower of Jesus and take part in this awe-inspiring, musical, festive, candlelight procession of praise and pageantry, marching shoulder-to-shoulder with hundreds of Catholics alongside seminarians, priests, nuns in a powerful public witness, bringing Jesus out into the public square, and letting Him transform our families, parishes and communities.

Enjoy an unforgettable mile-long stroll, or ride the trolleys on a spring evening with families, friends and Jesus Himself from St. Isaac Jogues in Hinsdale to Notre Dame in Clarendon Hills on the Feast of Corpus Christi, followed by a unique, moving benediction, food, drink, and Christian community.