St. Thomas the Apostle Parish, Naperville, to Offer Presentation for Women called “Questions and Doubts and Fear, Oh My!” on April 26

St. Thomas the Apostle Parish, in Naperville, is presenting an event called “Questions and Doubts and Fears, Oh My!” Women are invited, and the focus on what did Jesus really want us to take away from his three-year ministry — and how does it apply 2,000 years later in a world that has changed so much and changed us with it? Has what’s happened in the world changed our faith? Should it? And how can our faith change the world?

These questions, and more, will be discussed Friday evening, April 26, from 6:30-9 p.m., at the parish as the presentation will explore perspectives on faith in our lives today and discover ways to attain a more personal relationship with God. For more information, go to or email Marge Coronado at