Remembering God during the Lazy Days of Summer

By Christopher Lenart, a parishioner at Ss. Peter and Paul Parish, Naperville, who is posting once a month, every month, on this blog, writing about faith-related matters, To read a story he wrote in the July 2018 issue of the diocesan magazine, Christ is our Hope, click here

Summer is finally here, and the temperature is rising. I like summer because everything is alive and growing, but it also is time when we don’t talk to God as much. We are doing things outside and going on vacation. God wants us to enjoy nature and bond with each other, but He wants to be a part of the excitement. So how do we involve God in our summer fun? I will give you several suggestions to think about.

The first thing is if you are driving to your vacation spot, you will see miles and miles of open land. I know it is pretty boring seeing nothing but land, and the kids will say “when are we getting to the hotel?” Although you feel the same way as your kids, you have an opportunity to teach them that nature is a gift from God. Without God, none of this would be possible, and we would not be here if God did not exist.

If you have young kids, they love music and like to sing. On the road, put Christian music on and sing along. If you do this, you are talking to God and having fun as well. Singing is a form of praying. When I was a kid, someone said when you sing, you are praying twice. I believe that to be true.

Many people love baseball or softball. It is America’s pastime, although I think it is really boring. If you are on a team or just watch games, just say a prayer before the game so everybody stays safe. If your team wins, thank God for helping the team win, but if they lose the game, just thank God for allowing you to have fun.

Summertime is a time for growing a garden. It can be a huge one, or you have a few plants. I have seven tomato plants. I have a few tomatoes growing. Give God thanks for allowing you to grow a garden and let the vegetables grow abundantly ,so you can give others some fresh vegetables.

If you run every day, you can listen to spiritual books or say the rosary. When you do this, you are thinking about God. I know that sometimes you want to think about nothing, and that is all right. Our lives are so busy that we do need a break from everything. If this happens, we have to ask God for help so that we can overcome our struggles.

As the summer goes on, may we remember to give God glory for what He does for us and will do for us. We have to pray for our country so that we can come together as one nation under God.

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