St. Mary Immaculate School Students Experience the Eclipse

Everyone in the continental United States experienced a solar eclipse on Monday. Being outside of the direct path, the students of St. Mary Immaculate School in Plainfield witnessed a deep partial eclipse. They were instructed on how to view it safely.

Their experience began with a hands-on activity in the gym that simulated a solar eclipse. The students were also able to watch NASA’s live coverage of the eclipse.

After the activity, the students proceeded to another room in which they were instructed on how to use the glasses and the procedure used for the safest viewing. Once outside, the students started with their backs to the sun. They were instructed to put on the glasses and were asked to turn around as a group. The “ooohs” and “ahhhs” were abundantly heard. They were totally amazed that the real thing was so awesome.

The event was organized by science teacher, Jeannine Schonta, and 2nd-grade teacher Karen Klump.