St. Mary Immaculate Parish School Holds May Crowning

Tuesday, May 9, Our Lady was Crowned by her Honor Guard

Throughout the month of May, Catholics honor Mary, the Virgin Mother. The faculty and students of St. Mary Immaculate School in Plainfield showed devotion to Our Lady through song, by praying the rosary, and by asking for her intercession.

The St. Mary Immaculate School community also came together to honor Mary through a May Crowning ceremony on May 9. This special tradition brought the school community together to love and honor our Mother.  May Crowning is a special ceremony where students present an image of Mary with a crown of flowers.

Our May court was comprised of several  8th grade leaders, one of whom, Abigail P, gave Our Lady her crown. Many other 8th grade students were also chosen to process into the church and present Mary with flowers.  The second grade first communicants served as the honor guard for this beautiful ceremony.

It is our prayer that our love for Mary brings us closer to our loving God. Mary, our mother, pray for us!