Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center Presents Annual Inspire Award: National Hook-up of Black Women Inc. Honored


Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center has honored the Joliet Chapter of the National Hook-up of Black Women Inc., (NHBW, Inc.) with the Inspire Award, an annual recognition bestowed upon a group, individual or community organization which exemplifies the values of Presence Health:  Honesty, Oneness, People and Excellence. The award also celebrates inspirational leadership that advances the health and well-being of the community.

The Joliet Chapter of NHBW Inc. received the award for their work improving the lives of community families through the arts, culture, health wellness, education and human service programs.  Advocating for women and their families, the NHBW Inc., supports and sponsors community-based health and human service initiatives; presents and preserves the achievements of African-American women and their significant contributions to society; promotes and sponsors projects that improve and enrich lives through the arts and cultural currents of the community as well as education; and prepares women and girls for community service leadership.

Throughout the year, the NHBW Inc. provides free health and wellness screenings, sponsors annual blood drives, actively encourages literacy through their Reading for Life program and awards scholarships to deserving students throughout the Joliet and greater Will County area.

“Since 1991, the members of the Joliet chapter of the National Hook-up of Black Women have been making a difference in the lives of some of the most vulnerable in our community; people who can easily be forgotten or left on the fringe when it comes to important social, economic, health, education and quality of life issues,” said Robert Erickson, president and CEO, Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center.  “The services that they provide are vital to a healthy community and they have a passion to assure everyone has a seat at the table while addressing such disparities in our communities.  They are also training the next generation for service to others as a core value…what a beautiful legacy!  We are inspired by their commitment and look forward to working alongside them as we jointly serve the Joliet and surrounding communities.”

On May 1, Debra Upshaw, President, Joliet Chapter of National Hook-up of Black Women, along with fellow chapter members, received the Inspire Award from Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center from Bob Erickson (far left), President, Saint Joseph Medical Center; Ed Dollinger (far right), Will County Community Leadership Board Chair and State Representative Natalie Manley (left of Ed).