St. Mary Immaculate Parish School Celebrates “Teacher for a Day”

Several stuTeacher for a Daydents at St. Mary Immaculate Parish School recently stepped into the shoes of their teachers to experience being the teacher.  The school celebrated “Teacher for a Day” on March 8.  Each teacher and administrator spent the morning working together and sharing their jobs.

The day began with the teachers and students sharing a breakfast together and preparing for the day ahead.  Student teachers did tasks such as taking attendance, explaining lessons, using the SMART boards, and grading papers of the assignments that were given by the student teacher.  The students administrators delivered the morning announcements, attending meetings, and checked out all of the classrooms to make sure that the students were learning.

The morning ended with a great lunch together where the students shared their “likes and dislikes” of the job with their teacher.  A great time was had by all involved, the teachers, the student teachers, and the students!

This day was made possible by the school’s major fundraiser, “Galabration.”  The position of principal for the day was held as a live auction item at the fundraiser.  All of the other positions were raffles that were held in the week’s prior to the event.