St. Francis High School Food Truck Delivers Food to the Needy

In October, St. Francis High School students were invited to accompany Joliet Catholic Academy students in a service project to feed the hungry.  Since then, the St. Francis High School students made six additional trips throughout the school year to Catholic Charities in Chicago to distribute food to those in need.

Catholic Charities provides meals to the needy Monday – Friday each week, but not on the weekends.  So, once a month for six months between November of 2015 and April of 2016,  approximately 20 students and a faculty member came together at St. Francis High School to cook and prepare Saturday lunch bags with hot dogs, fruit, chips, water and cookies, all donated by the school community. Then they packed up the food, loaded the school van and traveled into the city to Catholic Charities on LaSalle Street where they distributed the food.  In total, about 100 students and six faculty members were involved with this project and each trip provided between 100-200 lunches.

On one trip, the students divided the food between Catholic Charities and the Pacific Garden Mission, a homeless shelter in the South Loop.  “It was amazing.  There were so many people in need, and to watch our students’ compassion and generosity was quite touching,” said Mari Myers, Spanish language teacher.

Junior Lauren Fritz participated in the April project and said, “Every day we walk around people who are hungry or homeless and many feel awkward or too busy to help, so they often walk right past these needy people.  This trip provided a solution for this problem.”

Claire Angus, also a junior, added, “It was a great hands-on service trip and I was happy to help provide a solid meal for all the people who came in.”

Mari 3