Catholic Campaign for Human Development Internship Available at the Diocese

Position Available – Diocese of Joliet – Starting September 2016 for 24 weeks

Description and Tasks:
Increase diocesan capacity for CCHD activities
Provides learning and training opportunities for leader in formation
Outreach to parishes (pastors, parish staff) to tell about CCHD
Support and encourage local parishes in Just Faith, involve JustFaith groups in CCHD work
Help recruit/prepare speakers from CCHD funded groups to speak at parishes
Distribute collection materials to parishes and follow-up on collection
Prepare promotional materials about CCHD
Write letters, call, and visit pastors, social justice leaders, CCHD groups’ leaders and staff, campuses, and Catholic groups to spread word about CCHD
Write articles for diocesan newspaper and other media about CCHD
Help community groups know about and apply for CCHD funding
Visit the projects of groups applying for CCHD funding; help evaluate and make recommendations
Meet with CCHD-funded groups, assist in capacity-building, help carry out their goals
Be part of the CCHD review committee; attend/help plan meetings, etc.
Promote the Multi-Media Youth Contest in schools and parishes
Do outreach, make presentations to schools and/or young people in religious education programs
About CCHD and/or Catholic social teaching

Schedule and Plan Details:
Intern Orientation – Required for all interns, June 1-3, 2016
We help intern make travel arrangements and register (via email link) for the orientation.
We start the internship on a date agreed to by supervisor and intern (September 2016. Pay is $12.00 per hour worked, paid bi-weekly after first week for 24 weeks.)
Supervisor works with the intern to create a work plan. The intern participates in a reflection call by the last day of the internship, and completes an Evaluation and a Final Report to submit to CCHD National Office.

Interested applicants may apply by sending a cover letter and resume to