St. Patrick’s in Joliet Hosts In-Person Counselor to Help People Know More about the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid

This weekend (December 12-13), St. Patrick’s Church (710 West Marion St., Joliet) invites Kevin Wright to St. Patrick’s Church. Kevin is a bilingual navigator (In-Person Counselor) helping the people of Joliet with the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid. He is working with a non-profit organization, the Campaign for Better Healthcare, to provide services at no charge to individuals and families who wish to know more about their health coverage options.

There is a deadline coming up on December 15th to enroll in this Affordable Care Act and Medicaid, and he would like to reach the parishioners of St. Patrick’s to let them know of the deadline and to let them know that help is available. If people want health coverage to start in January, they will have to submit an application and enroll by the 15th. If they miss this deadline, they won’t be able to obtain health coverage until February. Kevin will be in the Columba Room and the Narthex of the Church after Masses to take any of your questions and to pass out flyers with more information.

To find out more, call (815) 727-4746.