Principal from Immaculate Conception Catholic School in Morris to Go on Bike Ride to Raise Money and Pray for School Community

youcanhelpKim DesLauriers is the principal at Immaculate Conception Catholic School inMorris. Five years ago, he solicited sponsors for his participation in the Ragbrai Ride across the state of Iowa. The income from these sponsorships was used to help provide tuition assistance for families who were unable to afford to pay all or part of the tuition and fees at the school. The response to this appeal was fantastic. Over the past five years, the school has continued to sponsor bike rides to help provide scholarships, as well as curriculum and technology enhancements. These rides have earned approximately $160,000.

This summer, he is seeking sponsorships for an Illinois ride that will take him from Cairo, Ill., to Chicago over a six-day period. The trip will cover approximately 500 miles and begins in Cairo on July 6 and travels that day to Carbondale. The following is the schedule for the other days: Day 2 – Carbondale to Centralia; Day 3 – Centralia to Effingham; Day 4 – Effingham to Champaign; Day 5 – Champaign to Kankakee; and Day 6 – Kankakee to Chicago. He will be traveling with Bicycle Illinois.His wife, Trudy, will also travel ahead of him each day in a vehicle.

He is asking for sponsor for his participation in the trip. All sponsorships that he receives will be used for scholarships for needy families, as well as curriculum and technology enhancements. Contact the school office to find out more by calling (815) 942-4111. Credit card payment is available through the school office. You are also welcome to stop at the office in person or use the Pay Pal system that is available on the school website (

This year, DesLauriers is dedicating the ride to the loved ones of the I.C.S. community.   He is  compiling the names of these people in a notebook that he will take each day along the route. The names may be those of people who have entered eternal life, those who are ill and need prayers, or those you wish to honor. He said he realizes that some people have limited incomes. Even if you are not able to lend financial sponsorship to this effort, he asks that you send the names. You can do this by e-mailing him at